Cambridge-educated independent scholar Margaret Barker will speak on “Entering Sacred Space: Beholding the Wonders of Temple Theology” at a special evening address Nov. 3 at 7:15p.m. at the Los Angeles Temple Visitors’ Center. Her remarks will explore how Christianity and Christ’s teachings originated from the first Jewish temple, not contemporary Greek or Jewish culture.

Barker’s appearance at the Visitors’ Center was arranged through the Widtsoe Foundation as part of her participation in the “Sacred Space, Sacred Thread” global conference at USC. Barker is known world-wide for developing an approach to biblical studies known as “Temple Theology.” This approach brings illumination to the creative role of the Holy of Holies, the priesthood of Melchizedek, the concept of theosis – where humans become gods, Jesus as the god of the Old Testament and John’s Revelation being steeped in temple imagery.

Because of her scholarship, Barker was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2008. She is a Methodist lay preacher and the author of 18 books. She was elected President of the Society for Old Testament Study and was co-founder of the Temples Studies Group.