Deciphering the Book of Revelation

Why did John use strange images and symbols, fierce-looking beasts, seals and trumpets and earthly calamities while writing Revelation?  To help decipher these symbols and interpret the messages of the Book of Revelation, the Widtsoe Foundation caught up with Professors Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes.  Both are emeritus professors of religion at BYU and co-authors of the just published book, The Revelation of John the Apostle, in the New Testament Commentary Series.

In the videos below, Draper and Rhodes share their “ah-ha” moments while researching and writing the commentary, why John wrote the text in divine code, the corrosive consequences of following the adversary, how the restored gospel sheds light on Revelation, and the powerful meaning of the numbers in the book. 

The John A. Widtsoe Foundation is committed to supporting advances in Religious Studies scholarship, especially as it relates to Mormonism. The BYU New Testament Commentary series is a major step forward in Mormon academic engagement with the New Testament, as such, the Widtsoe Foundation is proud to be its publication sponsor.

Professor Richard Draper Discussing the Book of Revelation

Professor Michael Rhodes Discussing the Book of Revelation