In September 2018, the Widtsoe Foundation co-sponsored the inaugural South American Seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This remarkable three-day seminar brought together young, intellectually active Latter-day Saints from across South America, including students (undergraduate and graduate), aspiring scholars, and young professionals. By meeting in an environment that combined academic rigor with sincere faith, this seminar allowed the participants to connect with other Church members their age who had desires to excel in their professions and make a positive difference in their own communities. 

A combination of South Americans and speakers from around the world spoke to this group about significant issues in public life, appreciating their heritage as Church members in South America, and the importance of building bridges by engaging in interfaith dialogue. Widstoe Foundation President Dr. Larry Eastland delivered a keynote speech about using gospel principles in positions of leadership, and Scholar in Residence Dr. Jacob Rennaker spoke about the spiritually strengthening nature of interfaith interactions. In a very real sense, this remakable seminar served to train the next generation of Latter-day Saint leaders to flourish in their congregations and in their communities throughout South America. The Widtsoe Foundation is proud to have been a part of it.   


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