The parables taught by Jesus are among the best-known stories in all the world. These powerful stories capture and reveal much of Jesus Christ’s ministry. Through parables, the power of love and faith, of service to and tolerance of others are on display.  Through parables the character of those who would be Christ’s disciples take life and reveal action. It would be safe to say the very concept of parables are understood in much of society because Jesus used them to teach and enlighten those who would seek to follow Him.

Through time, thousands of books, articles and sermons have been presented on the parables. Masters of art have sought to capture the essence of this collection of symbols and stories. In the best efforts, a portion of the potential ascribed to the words of Jesus Christ is manifest. Our Savior offered these stories as essential elements of His Father’s plan and purpose. Jesus solemnly professed that his actions and teachings were “the will of the Father.”

Brother Jack Welch’s fireside address on April 8, 2018  combined scripture with Jorge Cocco Santangelo’s stirring artistic depiction of Jesus’ parables. During his talk, which was entitled, “Reclaiming Jesus’ Master Teaching Plan,” Brother Welch offered new perspectives on the parables, revealing an added light and an emphasis on the Father’s Plan of Redemption and the power of the Atoning Sacrifice of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Brother Welch presented a wellspring of insight with the wisdom to carefully guide audience members to a growing personal understanding. The very nature of interpreting parables allows light and understanding on a highly individual level. As such, they are best understood and internalized through our own revelatory experiences. Jorge Cocco Santangelo’s art and Brother Welch’s description honored this ideal and gently allowed for spiritual enrichment as the audience took in these beautiful works of inspired art.

“Reclaiming Jesus’ Master Teaching Plan” is now available for viewing on the Widtsoe Foundation’s website: