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Book of Mormon Conversations: 1st Nephi

Updated: Jan 25

With BYU Religion Professor and author Joe Spencer, hosted by Widtsoe Foundation Board Member Richard Turley

In this week’s Book of Mormon Conversation, John A. Widtsoe Foundation board member Richard Turley spoke with BYU Professor Dr. Joseph M. Spencer about his brief theological introduction to the first book of Nephi.

In this brief theological introduction, philosopher and theologian Joseph M. Spencer investigates the central themes and purposes of a book he calls a “theological masterpiece.” What was Nephi trying to accomplish with his writings? How can readers today make better sense of Nephi’s words? What can an ancient seer offer readers in the twenty-first century? Spencer introduces a Nephi for our moment, a complex prophet with an urgent message for a world in turmoil.

Joseph M. Spencer earned a PhD in philosophy at the University of New Mexico and has published extensively on Latter-day Saint scripture and theology in BYU Studies Quarterly, the Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, and the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies where he serves as associate editor. Spencer is co-editor of the book series Groundwork: Studies in Theory and Scripture. His other books include Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah and For Zion: A Mormon Theology of Hope.

Check out the replay of this event on our YouTube Channel by clicking the video below!

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