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Letter from the Chairman of the Board - Spring 2017

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.
Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.

Dear Friends of the Widtsoe Foundation:

It is with great gratitude that the Board of the Foundation moves into 2017. We have been blessed in so many ways. Our donor base has steadily grown making it possible for us to begin work on our most important initiatives.

Our first major symposia of the year with Professor Richard Draper was a resounding success as his three-day visit to campus culminated in one of the most successful presentations at the Los Angeles Temple Visitors’ Center that we have ever seen. The standing room only audience was richly rewarded in advancing our understanding of his unique book, The Revelation of John the Apostle, part of the New Testament Commentary Series. There is much more to follow in the coming months.

We also express our gratitude to Jerry and JoAnne Michels for their donation of the beautiful and unique stained glass window, which will be a centerpiece of art at the Foundation headquarters when we have completed its acquisition.

Finally, the constant counsel, deep Gospel insights, and relationships he has built on campus among the faculty and students, makes Professor Jack Welch, more than just the Distinguished Scholar of the Office of Religious Life at USC and at the Foundation, but also a valued friend and colleague for us all. We look forward to his presentation on The Trial of Jesus at the Visitors’ Center on April 14.

Please join our donors, supporters and friends at all of our events and symposia.


Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.

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