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Bosch Bea 350 Pdf Download Latest




The Bosch BEA-350 Opacimeter provides the best accuracy and flexibility when meeting ISO-procedures for the determination of the colour of plastics. The BEA 350 makes it possible to analyze the colour of bottles and packaging. The data can also be used in all corresponding emission reports. Additionally, the Bosch BEA 350 allows quantification of opacity reduction through the use of special emissive dyes, which are always present in printed products. It is suitable for any sample type, in particular colored and transparent plastics, coatings, inks and printing inks and also for measuring opacity of plastics in the areas of packaging or sample preparation. The Bosch BEA 350 is offered in two versions: as a stand-alone instrument and as a portable unit with an easy-to-use software application. The measuring head includes sensors for the multi-wavelength measuring and the digital color measurement. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally and can be rotated for samples with different surface orientations. The touch-sensitive display of the software enables a smooth and fast operation of the instrument. The display has an integrated book function, which can be displayed in the form of a PDF file and also indicates the filter values. The Bosch BEA 350 is part of the series of analytical instruments of Bosch Sensortec and stands for a new generation of measuring instruments for colour analysis. Bosch Opacimeter 350 - Download. A Bosch Opacimeter 350 - Comparison with other Opacimeters of similar purpose (sensitivity, data display, dimensions). Bosch Opacimeter 350 - Summary. Bosch BEA 350 Opacimeter. The Bosch BEA 350 Opacimeter measures the colour of samples. The well-proven BOSCH BEA 350, which is also available in a fully automatic model, provides high measurement accuracy and flexibility. It is the basic model of the emission measuring series BEA. Its measuring head with circular measuring field is fitted with a DIN - 36225 measuring head. The lens is mounted on a carrying frame. The measuring head has three measuring fields for the measurement of the color of different surface areas. The distance between the three measuring fields is 2.5 mm. The measuring head is vertically or horizontally adjustable for varying sample shapes. The instrument is used for the measurement of coloured surfaces (bottles, packages, machines, etc.). The Bosch BEA 350 Opacimeter is





Bosch Bea 350 Pdf Download Latest

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