Post-Conference Video Interviews for "Sacred Space, Sacred Thread"

In brief post-conference interviews, speakers reflected on the importance of interfaith dialogue, the universal search for peace, the urgency to protect religious thought,expressions of holiness, individual sacredness, and how the world’s religions, while uniquely diverse, share many interconnected threads.

Jack Welch, Pt. One (1 min)

Jack Welch, Pt. Two (30 sec)

Jack Welch, Pt. Three (1 min)

Margaret Baker (0.75 min)

David Albertson (0.75 min)

John Thompson(1.25 min)

Gary Rendsburg (0.75 min)

Rev. E. Wayne Gaddis (1.08 min)

Ross Winkle (1 min)

Vinayak Bharne (1.25 min)

Patrick Mason (1 min)

Daniel Gurtner, Pt. One (1 min)

Daniel Gurtner, Pt. Two (1 min)

Amir Hussain (1 min)

Roy Gane (1 min)

Rueven Firestone (1 min)

Dean Helen Williams, Pt. One (1 min)

Dean Helen Williams, Pt. Two (1.25 min)

Janet Ewell (.45 min)

Pim Valkenberg (1 min)

Aziza Hasan (1 min)

Jacob Rennaker (1.5 min)