Welcome to the Latter-day Saint Reference Library

Our Goal

The Latter-day Saint Reference Library is meant to be a tool for scholarship.  Academics often start a new project by first researching and reading what has already been written about their topic.  We wondered, what are the ten or so most important books on various gospel and church history topics?   If someone wants to start a new project on one of these topics, the list of books we provide is a good place to begin.   We recognized that these lists might also be of interest to those looking to deepen their own study of a particular topic.  

Our Process

The John A. Widtsoe Foundation solicited suggested books from a variety of friends of the foundation.  We compiled this list into 14 categories, acknowledging that some of the books cross into more than one category.  With these draft lists, we contacted scholars who are experts in each area and asked them to review the list, take off books that did not meet the criteria we set forth, and suggest additional readings.