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“A [person's] life is not measured alone by what [they] accomplish. More than that is what [they] enable others to do." 

-Elder John A. Widtsoe

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James Holt

Global Council Member

United Kingdom

James Holt is an Associate Professor of Religious Education at University of Chester. He is a convert to the Church of 33 years, he's served as a Bishop, in a Stake Presidency, and is currently serving in his Stake High Council. Professor Holt and his wife Ruth are proud parents of four children. He is a member of the Widtsoe Foundation Global Council.


George Durham

Board Member

The John A. Widtsoe Foundation

Seattle, WA, USA

George Durham is a principal with Seattle-based Linksbridge SPC, a social impact consulting firm that works with international NGOs, domestic nonprofits, and other public sector organizations. Mr. Durham has a Bachelor Degree in Government from Harvard, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the great-grandson of Elder John A. Widtsoe, and currently serves on his Stake High Council. Mr. Durham is an Executive Board Member for The John A. Widtsoe Foundation.

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