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New Testament Commentary Revelation Book: Now Available In Print

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Through support from the John A. Widtsoe Foundation, The Revelation of John the Apostle is now available in print.

The 464-page volume, co-authored by Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes, both Emeritus Professors in Ancient Scripture at BYU, is a comprehensive analysis of John’s book through the lens of Latter-Day Saint doctrinal perspectives as well as ancient linguistic and historical scholarship.

In preparing their commentary, Draper and Rhodes drew from all the Standard Works of the Church as well as the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. In addition, insights from the modern Prophets and Apostles have been included. The work also presents a full rendering of the ancient Greek text into English, set side by side with the King James Version for easy comparison. Translation notes on and analysis of every verse are also included.

The authors acknowledge that John’s master work “strikes us at first as fearfully and mysteriously strange and fantastic—a world full of bizarre and incongruent images, many formed of impossible combinations, almost like Alice in Wonderland on steroids. Once these symbols, however, are properly deciphered, they combine to present crucial messages for those living in the last days.” The Revelation of John the Apostle is one of three books currently available in the New Testament Commentary Series. Last spring, a donation from the Widtsoe Foundation Kent Brown’s The Testimony of Luke available in print for the first time. All future volumes will also be published with the assistance of the Widtsoe Foundation.

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