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The (To Be Named) Center for Religious and Family Life -- The John A. Widtsoe Scholars Center

The Foundation is currently negotiating with the owners of a property directly across from USC’s soon to be completed $1 billion campus expansion, and just three doors down from the USC LDS Institute of Religion.

Whoever donates the funds to purchase this property will have the naming rights for the Center. It will provide the following benefits to the Foundation:

  1. It will provide a headquarters for the Foundation, a meeting place for groups of scholars and students, and house the global technology through which the Foundation will be able to broadcast live and for later viewing its conferences, webinars, initiatives, and any other offerings to the general population of interested scholars, members and public.

  2. The rental units on the property will provide a permanent source of funding for the Foundation to cover the basic costs of management and administration.

  3. A Family History Center will be available to students, faculty and the surrounding community.

  4. Apartments can be made available to the graduate students studying under the endowed Widtsoe Professor.

Given the cost of housing near the campus, and the need to ensure the safety of the Foundation and scholars, this location is well within the university’s security zone under the protection of campus and community law enforcement 24/7.

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